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Originally Posted by Tower Guy View Post
I would suspect a corroded connector and/or water in the coax.
Is there an easy way or a formula to use looking at values with the VOM meter to tell if I have a compromised coax? (Such as water or corission) I did remove every coax fitting and checked everything the best I could. All of my fittings are professional type connectors with the specialized crimping tool that I brought that purchased an electronic supplier number of years ago.
This was recommended by a Comcast service tech friend of mine.
Not sure what you call them but the tool cuts the jacket and the coax of the proper length and then the fitting and you press fit it Rather than an outer crimp.
Then there’s a rubber boot that goes over the entire connection on every joint.It rained all night and I still had all my channels this morning. So I will keep my fingers crossed. Changing the height 16 inches Brought all of my channels back with the exact exception of the WPSx public television stations which requires my rotor to turn.
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