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Thank you very much Joe for the feedback. Yes it was part of my original troubleshooting I did bypass and eliminate amplifiers one at a time to see what changes there would be. For whatever reason moving my antenna down (Which eventually ended up being almost 16 inches) brought all my channels back. At least for now. Iím going to try that other antenna for $35 itís worth a shot. I donít think I am going to be throwing any money away even if that antenna doesnít work Iím going to keep it and use it on my camper when I go camping this summer.
What had me stumped is all these years no issues whatsoever until the last few months was slowly started degrading. Perhaps it is an amplifier problem thatís no longer working even though I have 15 V coming from the power supply.
But then again changing the height put everything back to normal. I do have a question for you what is your experience with perhaps a two or a four bowtie 70 mile antenna? It seems like under my situation I probably should be able to grab all my stations without the need of a rotor. Or perhaps two similar antennas into a combiner with same exact length coax about 4 foot apart?
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