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Might have some interesting test data after tomorrow.

I had to bail out of the office late this morning to get back home while I could and I'll be land-locked for a couple of days due to local flooding southwest of St Louis. On my way out, I grabbed all (hopefully) my gear to set up my backyard impromptu test range along with a number of antennas. Once I get it set up and running, I'll be able to do relative gain and antenna pattern testing.

I happen to have a 2014 RCA 751R, a recently purchased WG7000, and I picked up both a new 7511 as well as an ANT705Z from a local Walmart on the way home. In total, I have about 18-20 different models to run through the process including a little gem that Santa brought me this winter, an AAronia BicoLOG-5070 ( reference antenna that came complete with performance data. <grin>

Hopefully I grabbed everything I need....
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