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I found an RCA ANT751R on ebay with free shipping. The seller showed a photo of the long unopened box, so I was fairly certain it would be the original. It was the original when it arrived, and he sent it Priority Mail.

Most of the other sellers show a stock image of the unfolded 751, but no photo of the box, so it is hard to tell if is a 751 or 7511 especially when they use various UPCs.

The UPC on my ANT751R box is 0 44476 06452 4. Unfortunately, the UPC bar code on the short 7511 box is the same.

So, I guess the most reliable indicator is the box length, because the boom for the 7511 comes in two pieces, but the boom for the longer 751R is in one piece.

I compared the 751R with my GE Attic antenna as a standard. The VHF signals were a little weaker that day, but it is the comparison that counts.

GE 34792 Attic Antenna vs Original RCA ANT751R

       GE 34792     RCA ANT751R      TVFOOL
Ch   dBmV  = dBm    dBmV  = dBm    Report dBm

 7    0.3  -48.5     0.4  -48.4      -41.4
13    1.6  -47.2     1.5  -47.3      -37.6
16   14.2  -34.6     7.8  -41.0      -29.0
29   14.8  -34.0    12.9  -35.9      -29.5
40    8.1  -40.7     9.1  -39.7      -29.8

Antennas indoors on ground floor, many trees
and buildings in the signal path.
Antennas, RCA TVPRAMP1R preamp, 2-way splitter, 
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Antenna > preamp > power > splitter > meter & TV

The 751R is a LOT better than the 7511 on channel 16, but not as good as the GE. The GE Attic Antenna is designed for indoor use only. It's not rugged enough for outdoor use.
Originally Posted by OTAFAN View Post
My advise would be to grab a long box 751 if you can find one while you still can!
Good advice.

The RCA antennas are kind of messy to unfold; they have a coating of oil that comes off on your hands. The thin flat elements are easier to unfold with gloves on because they have sharp edges.
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