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I made some measurements indoors to compare the GE 34792 Attic Antenna with the RCA ANT7511 Antenna. They are not exactly antenna test range measurements that an engineer would do, and they are not quite as accurate as I used to be able to do when I mounted two antennas side-by-side on my car and used stable LOS signals. But, I think they are useful because I used my Sadelco DisplayMax 800 Signal Level Meter in the single channel scan mode.

The meter makes many measurements across a TV channel during a single channel scan, as a spectrum analyzer would do, and calculates the average of all the measurements. I used an RCA TVPRAMP1R preamp and a splitter to feed the meter and my Sony KDL32R400A TV.

The GE antenna did a little better on channel 7, even though it only has a folded dipole for VHF. The RCA antenna did better on channel 13, as would be expected with 3 VHF elements.

UHF comparison coming soon.
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