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I would be very interested in your testing results of the new GE Indoor Attic Antenna. Feedback on Amazon has been surprisingly good.
I have been having a lot of fun with it. At my present location an indoor antenna is necessary for OTA reception. We also have basic cable, but I love to play with antennas and make antenna measurements.

I started experimenting with antennas when I was 8; I'm now 84. I have built many ham and TV antennas, and am still fascinated by the magic.

The GE Attic Antenna 34792 comes requiring assembly; this video showed me what to expect:

The signals are quite strong here, so I can get away with an indoor antenna on the ground floor, in spite of buildings and trees in the signal path. The GE antenna has more gain on UHF than on VHF-High; the UHF section is a yagi with a curved reflector, but it only has a folded dipole for VHF-High. As a result, although channel 13 is listed on my report almost as strong as the UHF signals, it is a lot weaker at the tuner because the antenna has less gain on VHF than UHF.

I have added an RCA TVPRAMP1R preamp to help 13, but I have found that the antenna location indoors is critical because of multipath reflections. Even though the signal might be strong enough, the tuner might not be able to decode it because it has reduced signal quality from multipath reflections.

Notes and photo of antenna added to screen shot of Sony Diagnostics Screen:

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