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Thanks Nascarken. I am looking at the johansson also but I plan to use it only to combine the VHF portion of the 8200 (don't need any UHF that antenna receives} with the UHF output of a different antenna receiving signal from another direction which would be similar to combining a 91xg with a VHF high and low antenna, not pointing in same direction. I haven't found a johansson amp with a separate VHF and UHF input but I haven't looked through all their models yet

I wish kiltztech made one. I did note that the supposed noise figure on the cm7787hd is 1.5 db on UHF . The RCA PREAMP1R and the CM7778HD are the only ones I have found so far that amplify separate VHF and UHF inputs . I am sure there may be others I haven't discovered yet. I did see a reference to and "old" model cm7777 that apparently had both but was discontinued
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