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I may try the repeater idea just to see what happens it wouldn't take long but as much time as I have spent on it lately it will have to wait a while but if it worked it would enable all signals to come down one coax to be distributed to all tvs in house and wouldn't need two amps and two coax runs and combiner of one sort or another. At present use an a/b switch at main tv and watch whatever is available on that antenna on all tv s . I may consider trying a homer or similar device that has two tuners etc on network.

I wouldn't be using an amp for the transmitting antenna for sure.

At the hunting cabin VHF already barely watchable so pretty sure any further db loss such as UVSJ would make it unsuitable without a separate amp on it which is why I was considering utilizing the cm778hd and still have RG6 and current amp to use elsewhere offsetting about 70% of the cost of the cm7778hd.

Whatever I do I will Report on results but now that I can definitely receive WYJJ well and leaves are well on their way out and rain last night and 20 mph wind today with rare pixelation I feel its a good chance I will be able to continue watching it.

Thanks again for everyones help !!

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