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I know this is more complicated and costly than it needs to be but would a setup something like this have a chance of working ?

If I did set up a repeater similar to this would both of the antennas have to be identical ?

Is there a certain length of connecting coax to use? and if amp needed would length of coax from receiving repeater need to be same as transmitting repeater?

Would the signal from the other stations closer to that direction cause a ghosting effect and interfere with reception on this channels or just the strongest signal win out so to speak or would I have to filter out those channels?

I saw something similar in another thread where reception was provided to a motel for a signal blocked by ridge I believe.

Mostly theoretical but interesting.

On somewhat unrelated topic for different location at hunting cabin I have a winnegard 8200 for real channel 5 and 13 VHF low and high band and a different antenna for UHF with amp for another market direction that requires an amp utilizing a/b switch. I was considering the channel master CM778HD amplifier to both amplify and combine these two antennas where I now have amp on uhf only and could use some amp on VHF and could use the other coax line and that amp at home. There are no strong signals in the area or either direction to overdrive an amp.
So since I don't trust the RCA TVPRAMP with the uhf and vhf inputs does anyone have experience with the CM778HD ? Good? Bad/ Indifferent?

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