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Originally Posted by kb4 View Post
.....the TVPRAMP RCA I have no longer works at all so was looking for another choice that might be better or more reliable.
I bought two RCA TVPRAMP1R preamps in sealed boxes; both failed. I can't recommend a preamp with such poor quality control. The Antennas Direct Juice is more reliable and you can add a UVSJ if you want separate UHF and VHF antennas.
Today there has been very little wind and the reception has been flawless on WYJJ with signal level around 75 to 80.
Excellent! OTA signals will vary in strength even without trees.
I also may play with tilting it up to varying degrees which I think would be easier with the 91xg than the DB8E but not sure since I haven't seen the DB8E.
The 91XG has a tilt bracket; a tilt bracket for the DB8E would be a custom job.
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