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To clear up I have the antennas direct 91XG.
The reason I used the LNA 200 was I bought two of them about 5 years ago and wasn't using the antennacraft 7-13 VHF antenna I did have it on which actually works well without it. Back when I bought it the low noise figure was all the rage. I have looked at other amps such as the Kitztech and johansson I may be trying to combine the 7-13 antenna with UHF and the TVPRAMP RCA I have no longer works at all so was looking for another choice that might be better or more reliable .

Yes I thought of the DB8E but I plan to use the 91XG for another location anyway so if it didn't work I had nothing to loose since it would be used anyway. I also thought if too much problem with multi path that it would be easier to stack the 91XG s.

Thanks to Rabbitt73 in another thread I found out that for the channels I want to receive highest being real channel 34 the DB8E has more gain.

Today there has been very little wind and the reception has been flawless on WYJJ with signal level around 75 to 80 .

Next I will take the 9032 down and put 91xg where it was just to see if much if any difference soon . Then I will wait on full leaves before changing anything else.

I bought the 91XG from amazon to make sure I got it in two days and free shipping on prime but the seller was antennas direct.

I also may play with tilting it up to varying degrees which I think would be easier with the 91xg than the DB8E but not sure since I haven't seen the DB8E.

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