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Originally Posted by kb4 View Post
.....I put it up below the 9032 and swapped coax to it and it works better than the 9032 . Of course it could just be the particular spot its in but I believe there is a significant difference. I now get a few dropouts but watchable and after dark essentially no dropouts.
Thank you for making the interesting test.
Plus right now its only at about 25 feet so I think it will improve some more if I get it up another 10 feet or so with permanent mount since trees will be about the same.
The general rule is the higher, the better, but when the signals are scattered by an obstruction, the wavefront is not uniform and there will be hot spots and cold spots for the signal. As you move the antenna up and down, even as little as 6", you will find layers where the signal is stronger.
I did conclude the antenna was put together correctly because there are 22 of the directors with the the kinda v shaped sets on each side an I assume they are counting these as 4 directors for each peace equaling 88 directors then the permanent mounted piece is counted as 2 directors for 90 then 1 for dipole making a total of 91 elements
88 for the directors + 1 extra mounted director + dipole driven element
+ reflector = 91
thus the name xg 91 probably standing for Extreme Gain 91.
Don't confuse the Antennas Direct antenna with the Solid Signal antenna. The Antennas Direct antenna is the 91XG, not the xg91. The Solid Signal antenna is the Xtreme Signal HDB91X.
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