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Originally Posted by kb4 View Post
I did conclude the antenna was put together correctly because there are 22 of the directors with the the kinda v shaped sets on each side an I assume they are counting these as 4 directors for each peace equaling 88 directors then the permanent mounted piece is counted as 2 directors for 90 then 1 for dipole making a total of 91 elements thus the name xg 91 probably standing for Extreme Gain.

It may be a while before I get around to the permanent mount but will let you know what the final results are.

Thanks again
Hi kb4.
I've been reading through your thread. I think it's great that these others have come to help you. I have just been lurking reading and I'm amazed at what Rabbit has done for you. All the charts, Maps, calculations. And the other advice is been great too. He did the same for me too!

Do make sure when you get set up to give us your results. The 91xg is an excellent antenna.

So, I was reading about your amp choice. There's been a lot made of that LNA-200, you can just search it here and on some of the other forums.
TV Fool felt it was important enough to make this a "sticky" thread":

I also have an LN200, and wondering if I can get a little more gain by putting something higher-quality in place of it. I admit I only spent $30 on it and a very good amp is going to cost twice that much maybe you could look into this Kitz Tech:

For me I'm just a hobbyist. I do a lot of lurking here oh, and I try not to add things that won't help. But the theory is if an amp is noisy, just replacing it with a quiet amp can give you some help. Cutting the cable length to only what you need is sure to help if you are losing 5-6 DB on a hundred foot run.

And also for what it's worth, I see a lot of recommendations 8 Bay ( like the CM-4228hd) antennas where trees / leaves are a problem. I do not own an 8 bay so I cannot confirm that. I fear that when your trees leaf out, the challenge will be greater.

Good luck my friend, I will be watching.

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