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Thank you for that extra work. I finally found a pic today that I could barely make out the one permanently mounted director . Then for the gap I decided to measure the distance between nearby director elements and even though the spacing generally gets closer toward dipole in the area in question there were one or two before and after that gap that were 5 1/2 inches apart as the spacing was with the gap, so I put it up below the 9032 and swapped coax to it and it works better than the 9032 . Of course it could just be the particular spot its in but I believe there is a significant difference. I now get a few dropouts but watchable and after dark essentially no dropouts. Plus right now its only at about 25 feet so I think it will improve some more if I get it up another 10 feet or so with permanent mount since trees will be about the same. It is probably just at line to barely clear crest of the hill if it even does. Then just hope that when leaves finish developing the signal will hold up enough. The leaves have really developed in the last couple of days even since the pic showing them but most of the close trees leaves are higher than the antenna so we shall see.

I did conclude the antenna was put together correctly because there are 22 of the directors with the the kinda v shaped sets on each side an I assume they are counting these as 4 directors for each peace equaling 88 directors then the permanent mounted piece is counted as 2 directors for 90 then 1 for dipole making a total of 91 elements thus the name xg 91 probably standing for Extreme Gain 91.

It was very windy this afternoon about 25 mph so it was good test for multi path etc which I am sure there will be some of but didn't affect reception much.

It may be a while before I get around to the permanent mount but will let you know what the final results are.

Thanks again
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