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Originally Posted by kb4 View Post un related question. I received the xg91 today that I was going to try this weekend and when assembling it I noticed that one boom joint comes together touching each other the one closest to the reflectors and the other two sections have about a 16 th of an inch gap between the booms and though the braces are same length it looks like space to the hole not the slot is a little less on one of the brackets . I could easily modify the hole or the slot to make the boom sections touch each other like I would think they should. I am unclear as to whether this is intended or not. I can call antennas direct tomorrow and see what they say if no one knows. I will try to post pics

Again any help would be appreciated
I don't have a 91XG and have never assembled one. I suggest you wait for ADTech to come by to this forum as he often does. He would be your best source of advice on the Antennas Direct 91XG.

Where did you buy your 91XG?

Also there is an element just in front of the dipole that is permanently mounted to the boom that I have not seen in any pics of the antenna. Just wondering if this is supposed to be there or maybe it was a return and not correct parts.
It is a director that is supposed to be there.

There is also a director that is very close to the dipole driven element on the Solid Signal clone of the 91XG, but it is mounted on the front of the balun enclosure:

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