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ok I got up on roof today and put up a temporary mount stand (no wind at all today) and found a winnegard uhf only antenna I think a 9032 in my storage container that i bought years ago to put up at a hunting trailer and never did.

I installed this at about 30 feet for now and if link successful this is a pic of the view toward WYJJ

Yes, there are a lot of trees and beginning to leaf out pretty strong but as you hopefully can see there is also blue sky visible and this is taken for about 25 feet. It seems as though the antenna and certainly another 10 foot higher or so would be able to clear the hill or close but maybe not.


1. rabitt73 did the pic indicating the hill blocking my antenna location show my antenna height of 35 feet I indicated. If so I must be looking up at an angle that would end up more than 400 ft high or so 3.7 miles away. More out of curiosity than anything can you tell fairly easily how high the antenna would have to be to get out of the weak zone.

2. I am using a 100 foot RG6 and won't need that much at present height maybe 65 feet. I seem to remember that anything longer than 50 to 100 feet could benefit from mast mounted amp due to the cable run loss that was about 3db. I will try amp anyway but about how much signal loss is there in 100 ft rg6?

3. About how much signal is loss in just a straight through connector such as to join two pieces of cable together?

4. About how much signal loss through a lightning arrestor/ground ?

5 I am sure the other local channels that are in same general direction as WYJJ would be overamplified if amp used, but would that cause any problem if I only tuned to WYJJ with this antenna ?

6. Is the reason a splitter loses about half the power or about 3 db to each tv connected to it with assume same length cable run just because of sending half of signal power to each tv or is it a loss in the mechanism or switch itself ? For example, if you connected only one tv would the signal still be dramatically decreased to the one tv?

Thanks , will let you know how amp does
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