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Originally Posted by kb4 View Post
Exactly need Rabbit73 . Have actually three different antennas I had two directional both pointed at WYJJ and one non directional and tried one with and without amplification just for heck of it. I will look at rabbit ears site etc.
I'm not sure I can be much help.

WYJJ was transmitting on real channel 27 with 10 kW ERP and a directional antenna. They were only sending 9 Watts in your direction.

According to the FCC files they are now transmitting 15 kW ERP with a non-directional antenna on real channel 34, so the signal should be stronger than before.

Click on View LMS Authorization to see license.

If you still have a problem, call the station engineer.

If you send me your address and the coordinates of your antenna in a PM, I can try to make a more accurate analysis.
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