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Help! Cannot receive UHF channels

I live in Webster, NY and all the VHF and UHF channels I am trying to get come from the same tower 219 degrees from where I am, less than 9 miles away.

I have a Wingard HD7694P antenna system, which was recommended to me by a reputable online dealer, who is now not answering my emails. I do NOT have the splitters installed yet and am only running one TV on the system at the moment. The antenna is approximately 20' above the ground on a wall mount and is about 5' above the wall mount and roof line. The antenna has a 75 ohm F connection and my RG6 coax connects directly to it.

I have approximately 40' of cable once it enters the house at ground level to the TV that I have connected. About half way (~20') to the TV is where the gain control (tried it at different settings with same results) and distribution amp is installed (in basement). Once I get this working, I will distribute the signal to 5 TVs in the house.

I have a rather large tree in the back yard about 75 feet away from the antenna, but it is just left of the LOS to the tower, then there are some other large trees about a 1/4 mile away. I would expect to receive something, even if it were a weak signal.

The TV I am using is a SONY Bravia HDTV, but I have also tried an LG HDTV with the same results.

I am currently only getting 5 channels: 10.1,10.2, 10.3, 13.1 and 13.2 -(all VHF channels). No UHF Channels are coming through even though they are on the same tower. The reception on the VHF channels is excellent.

What could be restricting all the UHF channels from being received?
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