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Antenna Help - Smithfield, UT 84335

Hello Everyone,

I live in Smithfield, UT 84335. I would like to ditch cable in search of OTA channels.

I took the tvfool analysis thing and came up with this:

I would love to get all of the major networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, KUED, etc... I don't care about the other stations much.

I'm new to this and have been overloaded by information from the web. I have decided to seek the help of the pro's

I would like to buy a quality antenna that has no problems receiving those stations. I am also planning on purchasing an amplifier to help. I would like to put said antenna in the attic if at all possible. From the looks of the chart, It seems as if I only need a long range UHF antenna (can anyone confirm or deny this?). If that's the case, Does anyone recommend a good strong one (all the UHF ones look a little chinsey to me).

I have scoured Amazon and other retailers and am just overwhelmed with the selection and good reviews. Most people reviewing are not in my situation so I figured I would take the tvfool test and see what advice you guys could give me.

On a side note, can anyone explain the 'fringe', 'deep fringe', etc. things to me?

Any info or advice would help me greatly.

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