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Hey Joe, good to "see" you! How are things out there in desert land? It was +11 here this morning, after Thursday's high of 70. But overall we had a very easy winter. I'm itching to get my Corvette out of hibernation.

Heh, reading your post is not encouraging regarding OTA recording! Wow, it's worse than I thought, and no wonder I was confused by trying to read up on it.

So these units have their own tuners? Does that get the signal first, then record or not, then send it to the TV? Or if you're only watching TV, does the signal just pass through the recorder and it's not really using the recorder's tuner?

If it's too complicated to explain, then don't bother. I've not been able to record since 2009 when everything went digital and haven't really missed it that much.

Once in a while it would be nice, but only if it was simple like back then: Buy a VCR for $75, hook up a few simple connections (spend the rest of the day setting the clock ) and you're done. But, apparently, those days are long gone -- at least for us OTA people.
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