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I've seen quite a few antennas like the one northern lights described. Other manufacturers include Stellar Labs and Digiwave, for example. I bought the Digiwave model a while ago, mounted it in my attic, and was able to pull in a weak station (20+ miles away, 2-edge path, 1.8 kW peak ERP) with relatively little static. Additionally, many of the stations that had no bars showing on the signal strength meter improved to have two or even three bars show with the "tuned" light illuminating for each one. Given how weak a lot of the signals are at my location, I have to admit I am impressed by how well the antenna performs.

Since I use the Digiwave model, I can't exactly say if it would perform the same as Antennas Direct's FM360 model, but given that the construction appears to be identical I'd say it might be worth a try especially at a price like that.

Hope this helps.
Also, here's a Wikipedia article that explains these circular antennas:
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