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Thank you for making the test. If you are happy with the GE antenna in the attic, that's where it should be. And you don't have to worry about grounding the mast.
can I split off the antenna multiple times, as can be done with cable TV?
If you add another TV or converter box, try using a splitter first. If you don't have enough signal for more than one TV, replace the splitter with a distribution amplifier like the Channel Master 3412 for 2 TVs or a 3414 for 3 or 4 TVs.

Don't try to combine antenna and cable signals on the same coax.

do you have any recommendations for a better antenna?
If you think you need it, the next step up would be a Winegard HD7694P. If you want to experiment with it you can aim it toward KC. Then you could have two separate antennas, one for Topeka and one for KC, with an A/B switch to change antennas.

An alternative to the switch would be to connect the GE antenna for Topeka to the antenna input of the digital TV, and connect the 7694 antenna for KC to the input of a separate tuner or converter box with its output going to the auxiliary input of the digital TV , to another TV, or to the input of a VCR.
also- should I be posting these questions in another part of the forum?
Um, it's kind of too late now for these questions, but you are welcome to post new questions on the Help With Reception thread:
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