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Welcome, Bob:

You would get more answers if you posted your question here:
Help With Reception

your tv signal analysis is very helpful.
It would help us to help you if we could see the signal analysis for your location; go here and enter your exact address or coordinates (which will not show) and give us the link to the report:

I currently have an antenna in my attic, and when pointed toward KC can get 2 stations there, sometimes.
What antenna?

That is what would be expected. The attic location causes a signal loss and the KC signals are weak and of poor quality because of terrain interference. There might also be trees or other buildings in the way. Are there trees or other buildings in the way?
#1- what is the maximum length allowable for my coax cable?
Too soon to tell; what length do you need?
#2 can I mount 2 antennas, one aimed at KC, one aimed N.W. towards all the Topeka towers, and connect them with a splitter?
Using a splitter in reverse as a combiner doesn't usually work well because when the same signals arrive at the combining point, they interfere with each other if they don't arrive in phase. You would need a rotator or two antennas with an A/B switch.

I plan to try temporarily mounting on the roof of my garage to see if I can get more,
You could have two systems. One in the attic for the strong local signals, and one on the roof with a preamp for KC.

It might be possible to remove the reflector from an antenna to make it bi-directional but that probably wouldn't be satisfactory because the KC signals need a preamp, but the local signals would overload a preamp.
I understand there are digital to analog converters available, do those of you IN THE KNOW have any recomendations for me? reasonably priced?
There are still some available, that are reasonable, new and on ebay.

And is it possible to record with old VHS VCR's with any of them,
Yes, you would use the audio/video output of the converter box into the VCR audio/video input. Or you could do ant out of converter box to ant input of VCR and VCR to analog TV ant input.

If you lived at SE 31st ST and SE California Ave just inside Kansas Turnpike 470, your report would look like this:
The turnpike traffic might interfere with the KC signals.

If you lived at SE 32nd St and SE Granger St outside 470 near Lake Shawnee Marina, your report would look like this:
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