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Newbie in KS with questions, please read

brand new to your forum, your tv signal analysis is very helpful. I am in S.E. Topeka and am trying to pick up Kansas city stations. I currently have an antenna in my attic, and when pointed toward KC can get 2 stations there, sometimes. I plan to try temporarily mounting on the roof of my garage to see if I can get more, and better reception. question #1- what is the maximum length allowable for my coax cable? what I have is RG6-U. #2 can I mount 2 antennas, one aimed at KC, one aimed N.W. towards all the Topeka towers, and connect them with a splitter? #3 Most of my TV's are older, analog sets- I understand there are digital to analog converters available, do those of you IN THE KNOW have any recomendations for me? reasonably priced? And is it possible to record with old VHS VCR's with any of them, or will I have to buy a DVR and connect it to my 1 digital TV? Thanks, Bob
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