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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
I just happen to have a couple of unicorns squirreled away in a drawer somewhere that I bought for a project at home but never used. I almost threw them out last fall when I moved into my new lab space as I'd already written off the investment.

I can re-tune them as needed, but, I have to tell you, the Jointenna is no TinLee AC7! The single channel pass filter on the UHF ones is wide enough to drive a semi through, several tens of MHz wide. You're lucky if you can get a 20 dB notch on the channel reject filter. The VHF one I checked was much cleaner.

It's been a few years since I played with them. I'll see if I can dig them out tomorrow and see what's there.
Thanks! I have no issue ordering an AC7 if I must. I'm actually away from home for a few more days right at the moment, and haven't put up the antenna on the roof to see if I can get this channel at all. I spent 2 weeks off and on just getting all my other channels locked and strong enough.

I was playing with the spare antenna on the ground (well, at about 9ft on a test mast) Saturday, and got a 9db on this channel (behind solid trees!) Of course, 9db isn't the 15db minimum needed. I figure once I put this antenna up with the other two, this channel should lock just fine.
The issue of course is adding it to the other channels without hurting them. Channel 5 WNEM broadcasts on channel 22 now, and it's a very strong signal.
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