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Thanks Rabbit! I started thinking that "CPF" would most likely mean "Channel Pass Filter". This channel would be on a dedicated antenna all by itself, but I'd have to use a 2-way splitter to bring both uhf antennas into one side of my UVSJ. The other uhf antenna gets all my other local uhf channels.

I don't think WOTV is going to be an issue at all. That's clear over in Grand Rapids, and quite a ways down in level from WUWB. More woods in that direction to block the signal also.

Now, WNEM interfering might be an issue, as that's one of my strongest signals, and they really pump out the juice. However, it's a tad more than 100 degrees to the South of WUWB, but could come in on the side of the antenna pointed at WUWB... So this channel filter might help a little bit in that case, but maybe not with WNEM being so close in frequency...

I'll be trying it in the next week or so and see what happens.
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