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Welcome to the forum, MikeBear:

I couldn't find any specs for it either. Why don't you try it anyway?

Tin Lee can make an AC7 custom single channel bandpass filter for real channel 20.

Call them and talk to one of their engineers and email your tvfool report to him.

I think your chances are pretty good. WUWB NM 4.9 dB has co-channel interference from WOTV NM -17.7 dB (difference of 22.6 dB; must be 15.5 or more), and second adjacent channel interference from WNEM NM 47.6 dB (difference of 42.7 dB; must be 44 or less) on channel 22.

Antenna and Installation Advice Needed

mulliganman used an AC7 for Fox on real channel 49:

question regarding overamplification

Do you think it's possible to get this channel?
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