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Winegard CPF-20 single channel uhf filter (channel 20)

I have an old Winegard Model CPF-20 single channel uhf filter from the mid 1980's. I bought and used this myself for a couple years in the Bridgeport Michigan area 30 years ago.

Only problem IS, that I can't remember for sure if it's a filter to notch out channel 20, or a band-pass filter that passes channel 20.

I know I was interested in channel 20, so I have to believe it's a band-pass filter to isolate channel 20 only from a uhf antenna.

Does anybody know? I can't seem to find anything on Google about it, as it probably was discontinued before the web as we know it even existed.

The channel filter plugs into a bottom carrier piece that has a "AP PAD" cylinder device with 4 prongs for the jack it's inserted into. This bottom piece is probably so any one of various channel filters could be inserted as needed. It has 75 ohm input and output connectors, and a connector labeled "Coupling" that has what appears as a HUGE terminator screwed onto it.

I'm interested in this filter again, as I'd like to try to get channel 20 WUWB-LD up in West Branch with a second HDB91x antenna pointed just for this channel. I actually think I have a chance at getting it, but it couldn't hurt to have an antenna dedicated to it since I have a spare anyway.

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