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I understand old is old. I do not function as well as my 19 year old son either, but I do get the job done. I have had probably a half dozen of those cheap 30 dollar boxes from Walmart. They do not seem to last very well. But since I have this Samsung receiver, I was thinking more along the lines of the HDMI hookups, Dolby digital optical, RGB and S video hook ups it provides, among other things, that most 30 dollar boxes do not have...not to mention a great remote that can control EVERYTHING and is comfy in my hand. One box I had was the Ematic, it did have HDMI. Our main viewing TV is a Samsung HD digital , but other TVs in the house are just old enough they do not have the digital tuner, but we do have surround sound systems, gaming systems, DvDs and etc. I am thinking about getting a PHD-205LE from ep vision for around 130.00, maybe a Prime phd-208? I was just recently turned on to these units, I happened to see a Channelmaster online and thought this looked to be more of a professional long lasting full of options receiver, but reviews pretty much junked it. Any suggestions?
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