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That being the case, It's still quite likely that you could successfully stack a matched pair of antennas such as the MUX-59. Rather than using 300Ω twin-lead, you'll need 450Ω twin-lead or a home-made equivalent... You will need two sections 1/4 wave length long (electrical length) at the frequency of interest. The two sections will act as impedance matching transformers. Each of the matching sections would connect to the UHF terminals of the MUX-59. At the opposite ends the antenna output impedance will have been transformed from 300Ω to 600Ω. Join the two 600Ω ends in parallel and you then have a single output with a net impedance of 300Ω.

Take a look at the information here: in particular, see: and

The following may be of help also:
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