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Originally Posted by Alan909 View Post
I have noticed on my MXU59 UHF Antenna it has 2 connection places, one on bottom and one on top, both with wing nuts to accept 300 ohm wire or a balun...

"What is the chances of using a 300 ohm wire to connect both MXU59's, then to a 75ohm balun,3 ft RG-6 coax to a UHF Preamplifier???"

Wouldn't that minimize the db loss ??? than using an antenna combiner???


According to Antennacraft, what you describe is a:

"Built-in VHF feed thru feature allows you to add an MXU antenna to an existing VHF antenna."

In other words, allows you at add a VHF antenna to your antenna. Probably it is designed to block UHF signals that may be picked up via a VHF antenna.

This is (was) a common design practice, since UHF signals from VHF antennas tend to distort the beam pattern of the UHF antennas.

If so, the connection would not be good for stacking two UHF antennas.

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