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I hope this never really gains any more momentum. The problem is that few companies own the many different radio stations in a given market so the unique formats are very limited. Due to the "all or nothing" nature of digital, the receivable distance is much less than an analog signal. For those of us who like to DX, the IBOC interference is a nightmare. Unlike 20 or so years ago, the major metros no longer have the better radio stations. That seems to have shifted to the smaller markets where smaller companies own the stations. This makes the whole DX thing more desirable.

I love the FM fool tool however with analog FM broadcasts, I can usually receive many more fringe stations than even this tool lists, especially in the car. The one thing in common with all these stations is they are analog.

Here in the twin cities metro, I can fairly regularly pick up 95.7 from Duluth even at a distance of ~160 miles in my car, especially at night. Another example is in Grand Marais MN (55604). Due to lake Superior and tropo effects, I can pick up many more stations, even from the Minneapolis - St. Paul area (~250+ mi.) than the tool indicates.

Not dissing the tool in any way, I love it! My point I am trying to make here is that I could do none of this if all stations went digital.

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