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Bit of a disappointment. Went with an eave mount on the south end of the house and mast rises 3 feet above the roof-line with a ClearStream 4V. Tried with an amplifier and without and ABC (4.1), NBC (5.1), and CBS (7.1) are spotty at best with major pixalization. PBS (9.1-9.3) are non existent, 13.1 occasional. 16.1 and 22.1 appear to be good though. Antenna is pointed at 274 magnetic north. The ClearStream was my personal choice although my install guy is wanting to try one of his antennas on Monday. This may be a lost cause but willing to try his recommendation then go satellite or cable if that fails. Could just be a rough area where I am at. Will report back after Monday. Thanks again to all for your help!
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