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The particular spot where all 3 antennas have been mounted is evidently a high multipath area. There is something near that spot that is reflecting signals, therefore the quality of the signal reaching the TV(s) is poor.

Either one of the 3 antennas should work well if placed in a area where signal reflections are not an issue. I have noticed that signal quality is poorer when the antenna is very close to the roof in some instances. The antenna will likely need to be re-located. As you have noticed, the reflections can kill reception of even robust signals.

If this were analog TV, you would be getting the problem stations, but would see severe ghosting in the picture.
First of all, thank each and every one of you for helping me in my ridiculously long thread.

NoStaticAtAll, I have a few updates, and a few questions.

1. On paper is 7694p the most powerful antenna of the three that I have? Is it more/less prone to multipathing? If it is the best for my particular case, I am going to quit trying the others and focus my time on getting the 7694 to work well for my needs.

2. I am going to try a few other locations on the roof this weekend. Would a picture of the mounted location and additional options help?

3. I removed the splitter and the preamp from the equation. I went back up from 9 channels to 21, but I got spotty Fox reception like I did with the ANT751R. I did not get PBS at all (my reason for trying the 7694). Does this mean my preamp may be bad?

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