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Originally Posted by BobHaskett View Post
How did you make the VHF dipole?
I took an indoor UHF/VHF antenna, unscrewed the telescoping antenna's and took the rabbit ears off. Then I just weaved each telescoping antenna once through the metal mesh grate on the back of the DB4e and put one on each side joining them at each end (in the center of the DB4e). Then I adjusted the length of the antennas (dipole) until the signal was the best for these two VHF stations.

Now this is indoors in an attic so I don't have to worry about the elements outdoors. I suppossed cable ties would help secure it if outdoors, but for an indoor antenna it is picking up Channel 6 out of Philadelphia 40 miles away. The antenna by itself would grab Channel 6 but very poorly, it would pixalate, freeze, black screen or just "no signal" at times. This gave me a consistent 4-6 bars now, same with Channel 12.

Sounds strange, looks strange, but it worked. I noticed the VHF attachment for the CV2 antenna so I called Antennas Direct if this attachment would fit on the DB4e. They gave me this suggestion over the phone.

Here is a picture;

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