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Tv Reception.

Currently I do not think there is the next big thing in the near future that will into main stream general public.

I think the general public is , next big thinged out.

Improvements of ATSC MPEG 2 are taking place.

Improvements of transmission and reception.

The ATSC mobile reception transmissions are taking places now.

Although 99.5% of the general public are not aware of it , and there is the lack of but not total lack of hand held receivers.

A ATSC mobile , forward correction codec , will be most likely be added to the current ATSC stationary transmission that will make the reception much more stable.


3D is here and will be a feature that is turned on or off for viewing , no big deal.

As we have 3D now , it is fun for movies and such , however wonder if watching the nightly news in 3D is that important.
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