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Arrow IN or OUT?

hi folks.

I made up an antenna mast, 30ft of aluminum tube (which is mounted 5ft above my deck) right now the cable is inside the the aluminum tube.

the guy I bought the antennas from says the cable should be outside because the aluminum may cause RF signal to bounce around inside the tube causing interference.

I thought it was better inside for less wind resistance and to protect the cable.

at the top of the mast are two 8 bay channel masters pointing in different directions. right now they are one under the other but I intend to move the lower one down about 15 inches from the other (on advise from the retailer again)

so my questions are;

1) would you put the cable in the mast or outside?

2) are the antennas ok to be right under one another or would 15' between them make any difference?

I was thinking max height should be the goal?


3) is a smaller directional antenna better than the square 8 bay channel masters?

thanks for your help.

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