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Originally Posted by timgr View Post
Simple question - usual recommendation for antenna mast is the top rail for chain link fence. I was in my local big box hardware store, and looked at top rails and EMT. The price is about the same for both, and both are 10' long. You can buy 2" diam 10' long stick of EMT for about $3 more than the top rail, which I would think would be a superior mast. 2" EMT is supposedly 65 thou (ca 15 ga) while the top rail is 17 ga (54 thou).

Not sure if there is any truth to it, or if I was just expected to believe it, because he was my foreman =D

Back when I was building scaffolding, I needed a temp handrail and found a piece of 2" EMT.
The foreman told me not to use it, because it was designed to bend.

If nothing else, you have my permission to add this to your urban legend repertoire =D
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