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I almost had a total failure of support system in early June . It was a treated 4x4 wooden post buried in 2ft of concrete. My son in law was helping me install the adapter at the top. We had the mast resting on a sawhorse with no stress on the post. We suddenly heard a loud POW sound like a rifle shot. The post had cracked at top of concrete to about 2ft up. I then took every thing down.

I then twisted the post and found the failure. The crack started 6 inches beneath the top of the concrete.

Now the new setup.

1. New 34in x 34in 8 inches deep concrete pad with 1/2 in anchors installed with template

2. 6ft strong metal post welded to 18in square 3/8 in plate
3. Hinge attachment I already had is welded plum on the plate.
3.b Plate mounted to anchors

Now to the antenna system.
1. metal attachment mounted at top of mast. the mount positions are 4 ft apart
1.a original uhf corner mounted to one side aimed 64 magnetic
1.b original ant751r on the other side with a screen behind it aimed 210 magnetic.

2. Y5-7-13 aimed 70 magnetic 2ft beneath


WWAY mid 90 to 100
WECT high 90 to 100
WSFX 85 to 95
WILM 75 to 89
WUNJ low 90 to 100
WCTI 85 to 100
WNCT 100
WYDO 78 to 89
WUNM high 90
WXPU not- trees have grown in it's path

I am pleased with my experiment.

I will post some pictures when I can.

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