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Originally Posted by Statmanmi View Post
Joe's advice about not assuming it's your end having the problem is sound . . .

I never really thought that, because channel 8 suddenly went off, completely dead. I scanned through the other channels, which were fine, until I came to PBS which was also completely dead. My second TV was the same.

At that point I thought "Uh oh, something's going on at Pinnacle Hill." (see my previous post)

There was a cold front that was supposed to come through that evening, which it did but it didn't amount to much here, just a bit of rain. But Rochester, being 30-some miles away got a lot of lightning, and there was the problem.

FWIW: After an hour or two I checked 8's website, nothing, nor did a broad Google search bring up anything current. I don't Facebook so that was out, although a friend did check it for me and there was nothing on 8's FB page, but she did find the story on their competitor's page, channel 10.

Go figure.
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