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Joe's advice about not assuming it's your end having the problem is sound.

But some stations are better than others regarding information. Yet the suggestion to check BOTH their website and their Facebook is solid.

In my state, a transmitter fire a month ago at the unoccupied building at the base of the tower for WWTV 9.x and WFQX 32.x still has them hindered:

They've been doing good to have news article postings on their website and updating the "Reception Troubleshooting" instructions provided there.

But, they did put more information on their Facebook page than what was passed along on the main website. Luckily someone on a different TV forum pasted this up, since I myself am not a Facebook user:


Channel 9: We are currently running about 75% of our normal power on a “loaned” broadcast transmitter. It is broadcasting CBS on 9.1, Local 32/Fox on 9.2, MeTV on 9.3, and the CW on 9.4.

Channel 10: Our broadcast channels on 10 (Goetzville) are currently running at full power with normal broadcast channels

Channel 45: Our broadcast channels on 45 (Vanderbilt) are currently running at full power with normal broadcast channels

Channel 32: Restoration on Local 32 proves to be a major undertaking – a key component to the 32 transmission line was lost in the fire, and new parts need to be manufactured.

New transmitters for channel 9 and channel 32 are also being manufactured. There is typically an 8-week lead time on completion.

We thank you for the patience during this trying time.


They have had other outages over the last few years due to ice and other situations where they post insight rather promptly. And because Heritage (WWTV) runs WFQX via Shared Services Agreement, they've also accomplished other temporary steps like this time for adding subchannels.

It could be that OTA is a higher priority to them, as there has also been a history of retransmission fee disputes. The most recent one was just settled (after the fire-caused outage)--so maybe ownership and management recognize that those situations have slightly upped the OTA viewer count.


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