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I have seen devices claiming to "filter" or separate the channels. Would this make a difference.
I guess as a lot of this is new to me I would like to "play" with the reception and see what is available (mostly digital but maybe analog as well...) and while I may never watch those fringe channels I wanted to tap the expertise in this forum to help me make a cost/effort/results type of preliminary assessment. My perspective based on the info I have seen here indicates that I should KISS the problem. Enjoy the channels I can get easily and ignore the others..... regrettably that is not in my general make-up....
I review antenna specs and I look at the Winegard 7698p (170 inch boom) and i immediately start salivating.....same as antennacraft hd1850 (180 inch boom)..... just dont think it will give me much more for the extra cost....
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