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More newbie help please...

fool report

So I have actually read many posts here and at digitalforum.

Here is my profile.
Ditching satellite and I want to get the most available channels.
Wont buy the cheap stuff.

I am surrounded by transmitters (yes poor me...)

Ideally I would like to pull in digital channels from:

Mount mansfield (Vt.) 80 mile
Mont Royal (montreal.) 10 miles
Ottawa 100 miles
Quebec City 100 miles..

From the analysis you see the furthest station at just under 150 miles!!!

While much of these stations are local versions of the same network... I would like to see how many I can grab.

Proposed installation:
On the roof coupling my pre-existing satelite mounting bracket (good idea or not?)
Alternative is eaves or chimney mounting

From the posts I was considering the Winegard (9301??/which model?) the Antennacraft HBU 44 (hbu 55 overkill??)

My assumptions (yes i am...):

I need an antenna that is omnidirectional
I need a pre-amp for the weaker signals (Cm 7777?)
I prefer NOT to use a rotor (i do understand physics-signal direction and r^2)


Electron can u give me the benefit of your advice?

Thanks in advance
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