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It was providing a very good reception, but would not pick up channels 9-1 and 11.

The rabbit ears provide the same level of reception, but also pick up those two stations.

They were both connected with the same coaxial (which is brand new), so it's definitely not the coaxial. I adjusted the connection to the CS2 a few times with no luck.

The only way I was ever able to pick up those other two stations was by putting it outside the window. And even that wasn't very good. I was considering mounting it outside or trying another antenna, but then I gave the rabbit ears a shot and they're working from inside.

Could it be a defect with the CS2 itself? I'm not expert, but it seems doubtful since 2, 4, 5, 7, 13 and a few higher stations were all coming in (mostly) flawlessly.

Anyway, any idea why I can now get everything BUT Ion (WPXN 31), which seems to be broadcasting from the same place as most of those other networks?
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