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So trying a few things:

Variable attenuator - did nothing but kill my signal. I'll be returning it.

Messing around with a few permutations, i tried the CV2 and a set of rabbit airs with a diplexer. Then I tried JUST the rabbit ears in my west facing window. And voila - everything I had before, PLUS 9 and 11. And coming in strong.

So now I'm only missing Ion (WPXN, 31). It looks to me like they're broadcasting from the Empire State Building, as many of the other stations I'm receiving are. ADTech - how can you tell their antenna is not facing my direction? I received a very weak signal a couple of times moving the antenna around, but now nothing. Any ideas?

And this is more of a bonus question, but from my location what would one do to receive WLIW, the Long Island PBS affiliate? I'd be perfectly content with figuring out Ion and leaving it at that and obviously WLIW is farther away and in the opposite direction. But I'm curious.

Thanks again for all the help!
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