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On the C2, the first several feet of the coax from the antenna is the VHF "element". You can play with the cable and see what you get, but it's generally going to be inconsistent. Switching to the C2V provides a very predictable VHF element that usually does well.

9-2 isn't a sub-channel of 9-1, it's actually a sub-channel of WNYW (5.1). Channel 5-2 is actually a sub-channel of channel 9 (WWOR). Ain't virtual channel numbering wonderful (and confusing, too). The stations are owned by the same company, so they "cross-carry" the other channel's programming, improving the odds that something gets through to antenna users.

In any event, you've got an antenna that isn't a good match for your location and you're in an area that is notoriously tough for any indoor antenna with the digital system.
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