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Your location is Very Close to the Tv transmitters.

The signal strengths are -->Very Strong<--.

Yes , Tv signals can be Too Strong.

And the Strong Signal multipath , signals bouncing all around is Not Good for reception.

Tivo , Digital Broadcast Tv Tuners have - ongoing - issues - with there ability to deal with less then perfect digital reception.

All digital broadcast reception is less then perfect.


I recommend use a Antennas Direct 1296F variable attenuator , to Dial Down the signal strengths of the Tv channels and at the same time will Dial Down the reflected bouncing around signal Tv reception.

Can buy the 1296F attenuator at ,


As a Test of reception , I recommend -->By Pass the Tivo<-- disconnect the Tivo -->Completely , and connect the antenna Directly to a Digital Tv.

Digital tuners can develop - Digital Glitches - that are not cleared out with a simple channel scan.

Do a Double channel scan.

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