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Television reception is more difficult when the signal is reflected off of terrain or buildings. Strong FM signals can also interfere with TV reception.

It's unlikely that you are having trouble with signal strength. Instead, I suspect you're dealing with a signal quality problem. Many TV signal meters indicate signal quality rather than strength... the digital ATSC format provides for error correction, so your tuner has the mechanism in place to calculate both strength and error rate. There's no standard as to how signal strength or quality is reported so an indication of 50 units on one TV may be excellent while on another, 50% may be an indication of very poor strength or quality.

Back in the days of analog TV, signals that reflected off of a building would appear as a relatively stable 'ghost' image on the screen. Signals bouncing of a plane, truck or car would also appear as a ghost, but would 'flutter' as the strength and phase of the reflected signal was changing quickly due to the movement of the reflective object.

Now, in a digital format, ghosting has been eliminated. So long as the tuner can keep a lock on the signal and recover the data error free, you see essentially a perfect picture.

If you can't get a lock on a signal, try:
Changing the aim of the antenna.
Changing the location of the antenna.
Adding an FM trap.
Changing to a more directional antenna.

In this case, you're blessed with many strong signals. So, an amplifier is not needed or advised. An amplifier in this situation would very likely overload, leaving you with less reliable reception.
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