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Missing a Few Stations in Queens, NY

Hello, I've recently switched from cable to OTA in NYC. I'm in western Queens, only 3.4 miles from the Empire State Building.

Here's my signal analysis:

I'm on a second floor apartment, window facing west (toward the ESB) and I'm currently running a Clearstream 2 directly to a Tivo (25 ft RG6, antenna probably about 12 ft from the TV). I do have a balcony and have considered hooking the antenna up outside, but for now it's in the window.

My first question is about a couple of stations I don't receive. The way the antenna is currently situated, I receive 2, 4, 5, 7, 13 and I believe a few higher stations I haven't investigated. I'm not sure why I'm not receiving 9, 11, and 31. I DO receive 9-2, but not 9-1. It looks like they're all coming from the ESB, same as ABC, CBS, and several other networks I am receiving. I do have some success with them when bringing the antenna outside and varying it's direction.

Does it sound like I should just figure out an outside mounting solution for the antenna or are there a few things I could try to receive those three with the antenna indoors? Would a different antenna make a difference? Since I do receive 7 and 13, it's not strictly a VHF vs UHF problem, right?

My second question is about signal strength. I don't seem to receive anything stronger than around 50, but the quality and consistency of even the networks in the 30's looks great. Is there a reason why my strength is so low, and does it really even matter if the picture is coming in strong despite the signal weakness?

Thanks for reading and I greatly appreciate any feedback.
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