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Originally Posted by Dagwood View Post
So Rabbit, boiling this all down, what would he get with the biggest roof antenna with a booster and rotor?
We don't really know what he would get because the signal reports assume that the antenna is in the clear and there are no TREES or buildings in the signal path. He will just have to try it.

My guess is that he has a good chance of getting a few of the strongest ones at the top, but it isn't possible for me to give a guarantee.

Also, you got this for my location a couple of years ago. How did you generate it and can we get one for my buddy's house?

I got that by clicking on that channel in your TVFool report. But, the TVFool reports are no longer accurate because there have been many changes from the Repack by the FCC.

WROC has moved to channel 21, but the transmitter is still at the same location. This is the profile by TVFool for his location:

This is the WROC profile from the report for his location by clicking on distance in the report:

Again, the terrain blocks the signal even before it gets to the TREES.
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